Arm Lift | Brachiaplasty

With time and also with weight loss, skin within the upper arm becomes more redundant and the excess becomes more noticeable. Brachioplasty is the surgical procedure to thus remove this excess tissue. The operation involves either surgical excision of the tissue alone or in combination with liposuction.

The procedure gives a more youthful appearance to the arm. It improves the contour and shape of the arm and in certain cases removes stretch marks. We place the scars on the inside of the arm and thus are relatively well hidden. The scars run from the arm pit to the elbow.

With certain cases the scars finish in a “Y” shape at both the elbow and arm pit in order to minimise the length of the scar. The skin closure initially will have a puckered appearance. This settles over the first month to leave flat scars. This initial puckering technique helps to give a long term optimal scar.

This procedure you may well undertake in isolation or as is often the case in conjunction with other aesthetic procedures.

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The procedure you generally undertake under General Anaesthetic. The operation takes on average 2 hours to perform and is commonly associated with a single post operative night’s stay. Mr Potter can therefore undertake this as a day case.

The operative sites we dress with skin coloured surgical tape only. This is to be washed daily under a shower head from the first post operative day. This tape will peel off over time and you can simply trim at home. All sutures used are dissolving and internal.

We will review you a week after the operation to review the operative site by a cosmetic nurse followed by a review shortly after the procedure by Mr Potter.

Following this he will then arrange to see you at three months for further review. Afterward you will be seen until all the wounds have healed and settled.

Before After Image
Before After Image

Years undertaking Brachaplasty


Percentage of cases needing an unplanned post operative return to theatre


Number of cases needing revision


Drains used

Not routine

Average inpatient stay

1 post operative nights

Wound dehiscence post operatively needing dressings


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