Benign Lesions Overview

Benign lesions include lesions such as;

Seborrhoeic keratoses
Bowen’s disease
Actinic keratoses
Skin tags
Lumps and bumps under the skin (often fatty lumps called lipomas)

These lesions are often obvious and visible, being found commonly on exposed areas such as the face. Treating such lesions does not necessarily involve Surgery. There are often many non surgical modalities available and these will be discussed in detail with you at your out-patient review. Mr Potter has extensive experience in removing benign skin lesions and has been undertaking such Surgery since 2000.

If for any reason you or Mr Potter have concerns regarding the nature of your lesion he will discuss this from the outset. As a skin cancer specialist Consultant within the NHS Mr Potter has the skills and support to make sure that your lesion is treated appropriately without compromising any potential further treatment if needed. Where appropriate your lesion will be sent for pathological analysis (biopsy).

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The data

Number of skin lesions removed in the last 5 years

over 1000

Percentage return to theatre

less than 1%

Percentage post operative wound infection

less than 1%

Percentage recurrence of their lesion

less than 1%

Percentage of patients needing revision surgery