Breast Augmentation

Breast augmentation is the process of increasing the size of the breasts by the use of saline or silicone implants. This not only increases the volume of the breasts but also increases the upper fullness that is hard if not impossible to achieve with breast uplift procedures. The procedure however, corrects asymmetry of the breasts.

We can place the implants can either under the breast tissue itself or under the pectoral muscle (Dual Plane).

Breast implants vary in components and also shape. A soft silicone exterior covers the implant with an internal core of either silicone or saline. The shape of the implant can either be round or tear shaped (anatomical).

Breast implants we can place through incisions under the breast (infra-mammary) through an incision in the arm pit or in some units through an incision in the umbilicus. Mr Potter only uses the infra-mammary incision which he hides by the breast and is hardly visible. Mr Potter believes this site has the lowest infection risk to the implant.

Breast augmentation variables are mind boggling and potentially confusing. Each patient has differing needs and torso dimensions to which there will be a variety of potential implants to suit your needs.

The decision as to size and shape and position of the implant is first and foremost a joint decision made by you and Mr Potter following several consultations with trial implants used in clinic to give you an indication of your end result.

If you would like to discuss potential treatment with Matthew Potter please contact us here.

Many patients concerns are regarding the risk of implants and breast cancer and also auto- immune disease. Silicone is widely used within the pharmaceutical industry, it’s found in cows milk and has been proven to be safe in its use in breast implants and other devices.

Implants & Breast Cancer Surveillance

Breast implants however do not stop you from having routine mammography or ultrasound surveillance. You must inform the radiographer about your implants prior to having a breast mammogram. There are however some reports that a breast implant may well prevent full visualisation of certain areas of the breast on mammography. Having breast implants does not stop you from breast feeding.

Recently there has been found to be potential link between implants placed within the body and a form of lymphoma. Mr Potter will discuss this with you in detail at the time of your consultation. Mr Potter uses implants that at the time of writing this web site have not been found to cause such a lymphoma.

Historically breast implants were thought to have a lifespan of 10 years. We advise that you plan for an exchange of the implant at this point or thereabouts. With the continuing development of new generation implants this 10 year figure may well prove to be longer.

The procedure we undertake with you asleep (General Anaesthetic). The procedure takes approximately 2-3 hours. All sutures used are absorbable and all wounds are covered with simple dressing tape. There are no drains used with this procedure.

Patients stay on average for one night following the procedure. We recommend and encourage you to shower the morning after the procedure and get the dressing tapes wet and allow to air dry.

We will review you at a week for a wound check to make sure that all is healing well. Mr Potter will review you at three weeks to be sure that all is progressing well and will review you a further three months later to review your result.

If at any point in your post operative course you have any concerns we will arrange for you to be seen at the next available clinic. We aim to follow up our patients long term following breast augmentation.

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Number of years undertaking Breast augmentation


Long term pain


Capsule contracture


Delayed exchange of implant


ALCL (Lymphoma)


Long term loss of sensation to the nipple/ areolar complex


Average length of post operative stay

1 Night

Time taken to undertake office work

2 weeks on average

Redo operations for poor implant position or implant movement


Unplanned return to theatre

A single case of haematoma to one breast delaying discharge by 1 day

Mr Matthew Potter was my surgeon for a breast augmentation. From the first consultation with Matthew I knew he was an amazing surgeon. He is so friendly and approachable. He made me feel so relaxed, comfortable and happy. I always felt nervous before my consultations but I always walked out feeling joy and excitement.

On the day of my surgery I was just excited as Matthew had made me feel at ease about the whole process and had explained everything to me. Everything he said would happen, happened, exactly when he said it would happen. I’m still under Matthews care as I only recently had my surgery. But I would highly recommend Matthew to anyone. He is a brilliant doctor and truly exceptional at what he does. I honestly can’t recommend him enough.

It was nice to see Mr Potter last week for review after the surgery. I’m pleased he is happy everything is healing and recovering well. I’m so glad I went ahead with breast augmentation, and chose Mr Potter as my consultant for the surgery, he has done amazing job. I didn’t want large breasts, so I feel I made the right choice to suit by body. I feel 100% more confident in myself now I have the womanly shape I’d desired for such a long time (with the exception of pregnancy and breast feeding, where my breasts did increase in size).

I’ve always been extremely self conscious of my lack of breasts, and often found it difficult to find bras and swim wear, and some tops and dresses to fit. Now I can look forward to buying nice normal size lingerie and clothes without feeling embarrassed of having to get tiny sizes

A huge and heartfelt thanks for everything you have done for me.

Mr Potter has been incredible throughout my treatment with him. He explains every single thing in a reassuring way. The surgery he performed was a relaxing manner and the cosmetic result is perfect. I would have no hesitation in recommending Mr Potter.