Breast Reduction

Living with large breasts causes multiple problems with the weight of the breasts gives back pain, shoulder pain, neck pain. In addition to associated skin reactions to bra straps and rashes to the underside of the breast. Large breasts also can cause psychological issues and can impede exercise and cause social issues.

Breast reduction surgery a patient undertakes to reduce such functional problems. It also serves to elevate the breast, increase breast projection and potentially give a more youthful breast.

In reducing, we excise the breast, skin, glandular and fat tissue. Any tissue we remove we routinely send for analysis. The enlarged breast is therefore traded for a smaller breast but with the addition of scars. We make every attempt to hide the scars as best as possible but there will be scars running around the areolar as well as running vertically from the areolar to the underside of the breast which meets a scar passing under the breast. The scars are therefore in an inverted “T” or in the shape of an anchor.

If you would like to discuss potential treatment with Matthew Potter please contact us here.

Breast reduction surgery takes approximately 3-4 hours whilst under general Anaesthetic. We place drains within the surgical site to remove any excess blood from the operative site. We commonly remove these the following day after the procedure. Once we remove the drains and you have recovered you should be fine to leave hospital. The average stay for this procedure is a single post operative night.

There will be no dressings covering the wounds only skin coloured tape you shower with the day after the procedure. The sutures used are nearly always absorbable.

We will review you ten days following the your breast reduction surgery for a wound check to make sure that all is healing well and for the removal of some sutures. Mr Potter will review you at three weeks to be sure that all is progressing well and will review you a further three months later to review your result. If at any point in your post operative course you have any concerns we will arrange an appointment for you at the next available clinic.

We can also undertake a breast reduction surgery with a breast implant augmentation to not only tighten the skin envelope but also increase the volume of the breast.

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Given the fact that I have type 2 and had a heart attack 2 years ago I presented Matt with complex request of 2 procedures I was looking to have undertaken. Our discussions were thorough and I had an honest and candid opinion by Matt, where he stated his reasoning for his opinion. We agreed on the course of action and I went into surgery in November 2017. I felt entirely comfortable in Matt’s care , his chosen anaesthetist was excellent, friendly and open.

The outcome of the surgery is truly wonderful; aftercare has been great and the pain management throughout my hospital stay was excellent. I have another procedure planned in 2018 and given my previous outstanding experience would not consider any other surgeon. I would recommend Matthew Potter without a moments hesitation.

Please accept our gratitude to you. We acknowledge the hard work and commitment you put into being the best you can be at your work. WD

A totally fabulous experience with amazing results. Matt has a wonderful yet professional approach & is completely in touch with how you feel & how to get the best result. The surgery I had was scary but sooo exciting & I had every faith in the whole procedure. The end result was so much more than I ever could have hoped for. I totally one hundred percent recommend both the procedure & the surgeon!

You could not be in better hands. I had to have the “drains” removed each side of my breasts, and whilst the 1st one came out easily, the second one got a bit stuck & was quite painful. Matt asked for feedback on every aspect of the experience & once I explained this, Matt informed me that there was an alternative option which he was keen to introduce at Cheltenham Nuffield – one he was already using elsewhere, but I understand this is part & parcel of the Nuffield & some persuasion was needed.Overall, for anyone thinking of a breast reduction, this man is the way to go!

Matt Potter, you have totally changed my life and I can’t thank you enough!

Mr Potter is a very kind and gentle man. He takes great pride in his work and makes an effort to get to know and listen to his patients. I have no hesitation in recommending him.


A referral by friends and clients to choose Nuffield Hospital to have my surgery and it was the best choice I ever made. My situation was that I was meant to have the procedure done by another private clinic in Bristol before my travels. However, the company messed me about and I had to walk away. I then went to Nuffield with an almost impossible task of asking them to help me with my surgery in such a short space of time as I would be leaving the country in a few months.

Nuffield were quick to book me in for a consultation due to their no waiting list and after speaking to the helpful P.A, she referred me to Mr Potter who has had outstanding reviews. The fist consultation with Mr Potter was very helpful compared to the last company. He was very friendly and professional. He explained everything down to the last detail to make sure I understood everything clearly, as well as getting to know me and my situation.

After the first initial consultation, I believe I went back only 3 times to take pictures, measurements and a final health check before filling out a questionnaire on my health and medical history. The day of my operation was set for the end of October, which was only 6 weeks after I first contacted Nuffield. The nurses were very friendly and took me to my private room where I would spend the next 24 hours. It was so clean and spacious, it felt like a hotel room.

Mr Potter came to see me before to see how I was doing and just for some last minute checks. He assured me that it will go well which I was already confident off as he had showed me his portfolio of previous patients and I was very impressed. As soon as I woke up from surgery I was already amazed of how well it went! He saw me the next day and he was also happy of how it went. I honestly didn’t expect a perfect outcome.

Few months down the line and my scars have healed and I have never felt happier or as confident in years. I would recommend Mr Potter and the Nuffield hospital to anyone. The cost of the whole procedure was another bonus as Nuffield would match the cost of a different company who would do the same procedure at a cheaper price and in the end I ended up saving myself around £1000. I’m so happy and very grateful to him and Nuffield.