Chin Augmentation | Genioplasty

Chin augmentation is where we can alter the position of the chin by;

1. Increasing or decreasing its projection.
2. Increase or decrease the vertical height.
3. Improve symmetry

The ideal position of the chin relates to bony landmarks within the face most especially the upper jaw and the nose and forehead junction.

How We Augment The Chin:

Chin augmentation we can therefore undertake using implants. These occasionally can extrude or become infected. For this reason Mr Potter prefers to augment the chin by mobilising the pre-existing chin bone. We achieve this by making cuts within the gum behind the lower lip.

By a series of bone cuts we can retract, protrude, elevate or lower the jaw bone or a combination of these to change the jaw to the desired profile. Chin augmentation doesn’t interfere with your teeth. It avoids any external skin incisions or scars.

Prior To Procedure:

Prior to the procedure you will have multiple photographs as well as measurements of the face and its bony profile. It is also necessary to undertake an X-ray of both the upper and lower jaw. This is to ascertain the relationship of the tooth roots to any proposed bony cuts. Occasionally will reviews patients by Orthognathic dental colleagues prior to a chin augmentation.

You will be admitted on the day of the procedure.
The operation is undertaken with a general anaesthetic.
On average the operation takes 2-3 hours.
Patients are mostly discharged after a single overnight post operative stay.

The jaw line will swell initially and worsen after two days. This will settle after a week.
You will need oral pain killers for a week.
You will be advised to shower and wash the area every day.

All sutures used will be dissolving sutures that will loose their strength after two weeks and come away within the mouth thereafter.

It is advised to sleep using three pillows and if possible facing up.
Most people leave two weeks after this procedure before returning to work.

Most patients undertake a softer diet initially after this procedure until the swelling and pain has reduced and the strength in the jaw returns.

You will be reviewed at one to two weeks by Mr Potter to check on alignment and that all is healing well.

I write to thank you for the care of me over the past week. The immense skill and the very kind human attention to detail in terms of explanation and reassurance.

Thank you for your care over these months – I could not of had a better doctor, a man who I have complete trust in.