Cysts | Sebaceous Cysts

Cysts or sebaceous cysts are conventionally are removed by taking a portion of the overlying skin as an ellipse with the underlying cysts. This traditional form of surgical excision gives us acceptable results within certain areas of the body. On the face however, such scars can be noticeable. Where appropriate, most especially the face , Mr Potter will use a Micro Scar technique  in order to remove the cyst through a scar of approximately 3-4 mm in length.

Mr Potter will discuss this in detail with you at your initial consultation. This approach of tailoring your operation to the site of the cyst ensures patient ratification and expectations are met. Sebaceous cyst lesions are commonly removed under a local anaesthetic, but this is dependant on size. Generally the surgical procedure lasts an hour. All lesions we remove are sent for pathological analysis to confirm that it is benign and that no further action is required.

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Before After Image
Before After Image

I write to thank you for the care of me over the past week. The immense skill and the very kind human attention to detail in terms of explanation and reassurance.

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