Gynaecomastia Reduction

The male breast changes in size and shape through its development. This can sometimes lead to an increase in the size of the male breast that is not in proportion to the rest of the torso.

Mr Potter will examine and investigate to make sure that the increase in size of the breast is not due to medical causes we could treat and resolve through non-surgical treatments.

The surgical treatment of the enlarged male breast depends on the proportion of breast fat to glandular tissue.

Breast fat excess may well be best treated with liposuction, whereas glandular excess is best treated with excision surgery through an incision at the junction of the areolar/breast skin interface that is hardly visible. Most often than not the treatment involves a combination of both liposuction and surgical excision.

If you would like to discuss potential treatment with Matthew Potter please contact us here.

The procedure takes approximately 2 hours and we undertake under local anaesthesia or general anaesthesia pending the size of the tissue we need to reduce or removed. All wound edges will be raised due to underlying deeper sutures. Such raised wound edges will flatten at about a month. This, long term, will give optimum scars.

All wounds we simply dress with skin coloured surgical tapes which you can shower with every day from day one. Most patients stay for a single night in hospital following the procedure. In cases where we remove considerable tissue, we may very well place drains  into the operative site. These are plastic tubes that remove any excess wound fluid. These we commonly remove the following day after the operation to facilitate the discharge from hospital. Rarely we need to use compression garments for the operative area.

We will discharge you with oral pain relief which on average you will only need for two days.

The tapes applied to the wounds will in time simply start to peel off after a few days and you can be trim these at home with ease.

We will review you at 7 days within your original hospital where we will remove the tapes. All sutures used will dissolve internally.

Mr Potter will review you very shortly after the procedure to assess your progress and he will undertake regular reviews until all has fully settled and healed.

Number of years undertaking Breast augmentation


Return to theatre


Percentage nipple survival


Percentage areolar survival


Long term loss of sensation to the nipple/ areolar complex


Length of post operative stay

1 night mean. No patient stayed more than one night

Percentage return to theatre for corrections


I saw Mr.Potter with regard to gynaecomastia surgery in 2016/17. He explained the condition and treatment very clearly at every stage. He also has a very personable manner and addressed any concerns that I had throughout. I felt very well informed and prepared ahead of my surgery. Mr.Potter uses surgical techniques which minimise scarring and after only a few weeks post-surgery, my scars were almost invisible. In addition, he excised only the tissue which was necessary and proportionate in order to give a result consistent with body fat distribution. The appearance therefore appears natural and overall I am very pleased with the result. The care and follow up procedures were also excellent at the hospital. I would highly recommend Mr.Potter if you are considering this surgery.

Just a couple of lines to say thanks again for all that you did for me. I am a lucky guy to have been treated by you.

I would just like to send a few words of admiration and grateful thanks for all the help and kindness you gave to my partner Mr EW in the past few weeks. Thanks to you and your great team his operation has gone splendidly and the result you gave us on our last visit was fantastic. We are so thrilled to be so lucky and our gratitude will stay with you.