Mr Potter undertook a fellowship in Australia with arguably Australia’s leading labioplasty Surgeon and brought the techniques he learnt in Australia to the UK. Having audited his results with these techniques he has not had a single complication in his series.

The inner labia or lips of the vagina often increase in size due to hormonal changes and childbirth or just increase in size naturally with time. This increase in size of the lips can cause discomfort, can limit choices in clothes, underwear and swimwear. They can also cause discomfort during exercise and as such the development and growth of the labia can be asymmetrical.

Labiaplasty is a procedure to decrease the size of the Labia Minora (inner lips) to not only improve the aesthetic appearance but also functional concerns.

Patients can opt to have this surgery as a day case instead or with an overnight post operative stay. The procedure produces a neater sculpted appearance that removes unwanted excess tissue. The wounds heal well with scarring specifically hidden within pre-existing folds.

In certain cases the outer lips (Labia Majora) of the vagina are relatively thin. They can be increased in size by filling these areas with fat harvested by liposuction from another areas (liposculpting).

This operation would usually be performed at the same time as the labiaplasty. While this can be further undertaken with a local anaesthetic most patients prefer to have liposculpting of the Labia Majora under general anaesthetic.

The procedure we can undertake under local anaesthesia, local anaesthesia with sedation or general anaesthesia.

The operation takes approximately 90 minutes.

The technique involves removal of excess labial tissue and closure using dissolving sutures.

We remove the excess whilst preserving the sensation to the area.

There are no wound dressings to the area.

The area you need to keep clear through daily showering and applying antibiotic ointment to the area twice daily for a week. It is advisable to wear loose fitting underwear for the first few days and avoid tight underwear until the area has healed.

There may be an initial spotting or oozing from the wound but this should settle within the first 24 hours. The operative site will swell but you can control the pain with simple oral pain killers for 2-3 days.

You should be able to return to normal daily activities within a week but it is best to avoid strenuous exercise for 4 weeks and intercourse for 6 weeks.

Returning to work very much depends on your work regime. Prolonged sitting at a chair is often uncomfortable and may be so for a few days.

Years undertaking labiaplasty


Percentage of cases needing an unplanned post operative return to theatre


Number of cases needing revision


Average inpatient stay

1 night

Wound dehiscence post operatively needing dressings


Wound infection needing antibiotic treatment


I had Labiaplasty 2 weeks ago and am very very pleased with the results. My whole surgery experience from the initial consultation to the sign off two weeks after surgery could not have been better. Dr Potter was very understanding and gave me confidence to discuss my issue which was great as I had been too scared to talk about it previously.

Mr Potter explains the procedure to me in detail and I had the opportunity to view before and after pictures of his work and I decided to go ahead with surgery and no longer felt embarrassed of my body. On the day of surgery Dr Potter and his team were brilliant and I was very excited to be having the operation. The operation went smoothly and I was home within 4 hours and have had no pain at all, even straight after surgery.

I absolutely love the results and have my confidence back and owe that to Dr Potter and his team. I would not hesitate to contact Dr Potter about any future surgery, cosmetic or plastic as he was very honest and understanding from the get go. He gave me the opportunity to ask questions about other surgery and cosmetic procedures I had been thinking about and was very honest when I asked should I have any of these procedures. Many thanks to all. A very happy patient.

I had a labiaplasty by Mr Potter eighteen months ago now. I was really nervous at first but he put me at ease straight away. I’m so so happy with the results and a lot more confident, so thank you! A great guy and a fantastic Surgeon, can’t recommend enough.

Matt Potter, you have totally changed my life and I can’t thank you enough!