Lower Eyelid Surgery | Lower Blepharoplasty

We undertake lower eyelid surgery with a general anaesthetic. Lower eye lids and their ageing can present in different ways;

  1. Excess lower eye lid skin
  2. Fat excess that causes bulging below the margin of the eye lid.
  3. Weakness of the structures of the eye lid that causes the lid to come away from the globe of the eye.

Patients may present with one or a combination or all of the above. The procedure to freshen and tighten the lower eye lid varies from patient to patient depending on the degree of each of these points. There is not a single procedure that will potentially correct all of these issues thus we use a  combination of procedures and tailor them to each patients’ lower eye lid needs. Correction of a bulging lower lid (fat redraping) is the only procedure that avoids scars. All others involve a small skin incision that we place within a skin fold that radiates from the outer aspect of the lower eye lid.

Mr Potter will review you on several occasions prior to this procedure to check all of these issues. He will discuss what is most appropriate for you and your lower eye lids.

With the lower lid, not only is there excess skin and or protrusion of fat but the structures of the eye lid itself may well have become lax. In simply removing and tightening the eyelid skin the laxity of the lid may become more apparent. Tightening the eye lid structures not only prevents the laxity becoming apparent but also rejuvenates the eye lid. Mr Potter can also restore the slope of the eye to give a more youthful “feline” appearance in the female patent if needed.

The lower eyelid surgery (Blepharoplasty) has considerably greater swelling after the procedure than the upper Blepharoplasty and takes longer to settle (one – two weeks). The sutures we remove at one week following the procedure and you are likely to stay in hospital for one night following the procedure to monitor and care for the eye lid swelling. We will give you eye ointment to apply to the eyes morning and night to improve any post operative irritation.

Often this procedure is part of a mid face lift or lower face lift and or surgery to the upper eye lids.

If you are therefore interested in discussing lower eyelid surgery with Matthew Potter please contact us here.

We undertake the procedure with a general anaesthetic and the operation takes approximately 1-3 hours.

You will need a health care check prior to the procedure, following this we will admit you on the day.


The eyelid and structures will swell and for this reason patients usually stay for one to two nights following the procedure.

If needed, sutures will be visible but may be covered with skin coloured surgical tape if necessary.

With fat redraping surgery there additionally be sutures that will come out of the upper cheek that will be tied over small gauze dressings.

We will provide you with eye ointment to be applied to the eye every night and you should wash the area twice daily.

It is advisable to sleep using three pillows to raise the head and minimise the swelling. Your sutures will be removed at a week by the cosmetic nurse at the hospital.

Mr Potter will see you in a month following the procedure to see how the result is settling.

In addition to the above, you will have a three monthly review and regular reviews until all has settled.

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Number of years undertaking lower blepharoplasty


Long term pain


Haematoma post operatively


Unplanned return to theatre < 30days


Average length of post operative stay

1 night

Time taken to undertake office work

2 weeks on average

Asymmetry needing revision


I just want to let you know how kind and considerate you have been in treating me.

Just to say a massive thanks for the last 6 months. It’s been a great job and I appreciate the words of wisdom.

You are extremely approachable and are excellent in communicating vital information to me and my wife prior to surgery.

Thank you for all you did for me at the beginning of this year, I am extremely grateful.