Merkel Cell Carcinoma

This is a rare tumour, there are approximately 150-300 new cases of Merkel cell carcinoma in the UK per year. Mr Potter will discuss treatment options open to you following appropriate full staging of the disease with scans.

Where appropriate we treat with excision and potential sentinel lymph node biopsy to ascertain if the tumour has spread. All Merkel cell carcinomas Mr Potter treats, we discuss at Oxford’s Multidisciplinary skin cancer meeting. Consultant Radiologists review all scans and are specific to your cancer.

Mr Potter believes that where possible Merkel Cell Carcinoma benefits from dual modality treatment. This is surgical excision of the tumour with surgical excision of any potentially involved draining lymph nodes.

Sentinel Lymph node biopsy and or completion dissection of the lymph node basin and radiotherapy to the Merkel Cell Carcinoma site once this has been excised and also to the draining lymph node site if appropriate.

National CRUK Panel

Mr Potter is on the National CRUK panel for research and trials into improving the outcome of patients with skin cancer. He is also part of an international study into improving outcomes in Merkel Cell Carcinoma (Rational MCC study).

You are extremely approachable and are excellent in communicating vital information to me and my wife prior to surgery.

I like the calm way Mr Matthew Potter treats his patients-the unhurried assessment, the clear suggestions on the way forward-the diagrams to explain it more fully-then the actual procedure. He is professional yet friendly, and I had ever confidence in him whilst he was treating me. I would thoroughly recommend him to anyone, as I feel the way he deals with people is perfect.

Matthew Potter has been excellent in every way. He is clear in his explanations of the processes and procedures being undertaken and has exhibited a high level of holistic care concerning the wellbeing of his patient that has been very much appreciated. He has delivered in every way. I would highly recommend Matthew Potter as a plastic surgeon.

I would like to say thank you to you for the care and support i have received over the last 5 years, regards to you all