Skin Tags

Skin tags or lesions often remain superficial and relatively small however they can cause discomfort. They can be difficult to treat in the domestic setting and can catch as well as give functional issues. Treating these lesions may not necessarily involve surgery.

If you need surgery we undertake this as a minor operation under local anaesthetic that should be relatively short with the aim to allow a return of function as soon as possible. Any lesion Mr Potter removes we send for pathological analysis to reassure the patient that the lesion was not concerning and that we do not need to do anything further if clear.

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These are outgrowths of hard skin that viruses cause. They usually resolve with time and are often amenable to treatment through your GP or applying ointments obtained from a pharmacy. Occasionally these lesions can be stubborn to conventional treatment.

These more tricky lesions we can treat within the out patient setting using the application of liquid nitrogen or if needed we can remove under local anaesthetic. Mr Potter will tailor your treatment to you and your lesion.

These are generally  very common lesions and often occur in the arm pit, neck or groin areas. There are several surgical modalities commonly used to treat the tags depending on the site and size. Often the most straight forward treatment is to have the tag shaved at its base under local anaesthetic.

This gives a small wound that heals, commonly leaving a scar that is not noticeable. After surgical removal we will dress the wounds in such a way that you will be able to shower the day after the surgery.

Many thanks for an excellent job. No pain killers needed and not too much discomfort.

Mr Potter removed a lesion from the skin on my side under local anaesthetic. He was very gentle when giving me the local anaesthetic. He explained what he was doing throughout the procedure and made me feel less nervous. I am pleased that the scar left is extremely faint and hardly noticeable now. I would recommend him to others needing lumps and bumps removed.