Tumours Invading The Skull

Tumours invading the skull often present after previous surgery with recurrence and also radiotherapy. Mr Potter in particular has undertaken many of such cases as a team with ENT and Neurosurgeons. The cranium involved with the tumour we excise and reconstruct either with a custom made cranium implant or titanium.

A skin defect is reconstructed with local tissue or if large with a tissue transplant of a muscle from elsewhere within the body which is grafted with skin at the time of the procedure. As such the impact of removing this muscle has been shown to not impair the function of the body in patients who undertake normal day to day activities.

By using a muscle covered with a skin graft, this skin marries with the surrounding skin. In conclusion, this is to give an aesthetic as shown in the example cases.

Therefore, if you are would like to discuss potential treatment with Matthew Potter please contact us here.
Before After Image

Number of skull/bases cases undertaken


Return to theatre rate for lateral skull base cases


Average number of days in hospital

10 days

Of those with reanimation procedures to the face the average time for facial nerve function to return

14 weeks

Percentage return of facial movement at three months following facial reanimation


Percentage number of patients with return of facial movement at 6 months


Percentage loss of flaps for skull base reconstruction 1/144 = 0.7 %

total flap loss = 0% partial loss = 0.7%

Percentage loss of free flaps used for skull base reconstruction


Return to theatre rate for lateral skull base reconstruction


30 day post operative mortality rate for skull base cases


3 month post operative mortality for skull base cases


Average age of patient


Patient age range

27- 89 years


I would just like to send a few words of admiration and grateful thanks for all the help and kindness you gave to my partner Mr EW in the past few weeks.

Thanks to you and your great team his operation has gone splendidly and the result you gave us on our last visit was fantastic. We are so thrilled to be so lucky and our gratitude will stay with you.


I will always be grateful to you for the kindness you showed to my dad.


I and my family much appreciate your skill and care during and after my surgery.


Just to say a massive thanks for the last 6 months. It’s been a great job and I appreciate the words of wisdom.


Following a fairly devastating (at the time) diagnosis of sinus cancer, my wife and I met with Mr Potter whom we understood would be carrying out what is officially known as a maxilla reconstruction with DCIA flap.

To those of us not in the trade, that’s basically taking away and reconstructing a whole quarter of the face, including the palate. Mr Potter meticulously and patiently explained the entire procedure, what would happen during the long operation, the immediate after effects during recovery, and the eventual result. With kindness and good humour he ensured all our questions were answered and our fears allayed.

We suddenly felt optimistic and positive, and knew we were in a very safe pair of hands. The operation has been a total success, and the recovery was straightforward, thanks to both Mr Potter and his associate surgeons, plus the wonderful team at the Blenheim Head and Neck department at The Churchill.

Considering the amount of surgery involved, scarring is practically non existent and my appearance is almost as it was before the op – friends simply can’t believe I’ve had all that work carried out. Eating was nearly back to normal within a month and life is exceptionally good.


Marvellous care for my 90 year old father. Age was no barrier to Mr Potter and his team who regularly looked in on his progress and kept him and our family totally informed.

Mr Potter even changed dressings one evening on his way home. Cannot recommend Mr Potter and his team highly enough.


We just wanted to take this opportunity to thank both you and your team for the excellent care and support you showed to us during D…’s recent operation and time in your care.

Your support and advice towards our family and us during and after the operation has made a difficult process so much more manageable.


Mr Potter recently replaced part of my skull. I was very worried about the wound being closed following a bad experience with a surgeon over keen on staples.

Mr Potter continually listened to my bleating about this, spent time to reassure me things would be different with him and took me through the likely complications. I saw him very soon after my operation and several times the day or two after.

While generally worried about an operation on my skull he put me at complete ease over the pieces that worried me the most.

Due to the nature of the operation and not because of Mr Potter I have a slight mark on my face, he has spoken to me about my future options, if I decide to do something about this I wont be considering going anywhere else and would recommend his services at the Manor Hospital, Oxford.