Tumours Involving Extensive Facial Structures

Mr Potter works within a team that supports the excision of tumours involving extensive facial structures which may well encompass removal of the nose, eye or deeper skull bones involved and occasionally part of the brain. This complex surgery varies significantly on individuals.

All such cases we will discuss within a skin cancer MDT, a Head and Neck MDT, as well as a Skull Base MDT. Patients have the opportunity to discuss alternative therapies including radiotherapy, chemotherapy, as well as surgery with all associated specialities.

Such discussions are held over several out patient consultations. Mr Potter will discuss what options are available to reconstruct the nose, orbit as well as skull base. Furthermore, he can show you previous operative results and if necessary, arrange for you to see previous patients that have had similar surgery.

If interested in discussing potential treatment with Matthew Potter please contact us here.

Before After Image
Before After Image

Number of skull/bases cases undertaken


Return to theatre rate for lateral skull base cases


Average number of days in hospital

10 days

Of those with reanimation procedures to the face the average time for facial nerve function to return

14 weeks

Percentage return of facial movement at three months following facial reanimation


Percentage number of patients with return of facial movement at 6 months


Percentage loss of flaps for skull base reconstruction 1/144 = 0.7 %

total flap loss = 0% partial loss = 0.7%

Percentage loss of free flaps used for skull base reconstruction


Return to theatre rate for lateral skull base reconstruction


30 day post operative mortality rate for skull base cases


3 month post operative mortality for skull base cases


Average age of patient


Patient age range

27- 89 years

Thank you so much for all your skill, dedication and determination to put my face back together again.

Matt explained everything in very simple & clear terms, he came over very knowledgeable & reassuring and the “journey” for my full diagnosis & treatment was mapped out so I fully understood the process. Even when there were complications, Matt always had a solution!

Following a fairly devastating (at the time) diagnosis of sinus cancer, my wife and I met with Mr Potter whom we understood would be carrying out what is officially known as a maxilla reconstruction with DCIA flap.

To those of us not in the trade, that’s basically taking away and reconstructing a whole quarter of the face, including the palate. Mr Potter meticulously and patiently explained the entire procedure, what would happen during the long operation, the immediate after effects during recovery, and the eventual result.

With kindness and good humour he ensured all our questions were answered and our fears allayed. We suddenly felt optimistic and positive, and knew we were in a very safe pair of hands. The operation has been a total success, and the recovery was straightforward, thanks to both Mr Potter and his associate surgeons, plus the wonderful team at the Blenheim Head and Neck department at The Churchill.

Considering the amount of surgery involved, scarring is practically non existent and my appearance is almost as it was before the op – friends simply can’t believe I’ve had all that work carried out. Eating was nearly back to normal within a month and life is exceptionally good.

We will never be able to thank Mr Potter enough, similarly all at Blenheim – we are all so incredibly lucky to have that level of skill and commitment through our NHS.

We would like to express our extreme gratitude and appreciation for the care received before and throughout treatment. Your care and reassurance has made what has been a difficult time more able to cope with.

Many thanks for all your help and support this year.

Mr Potter reconstructed my left nostril using part of my left ear. I would recommend him highly. He gave me clear advice about the procedure he was going to perform, the risks associated with this procedure and the recovery plan I needed to follow to secure a good outcome.

I had confidence in Mr Potter and a good rapport with him. He was very pleasant, listened and saw me daily after the operation. I am delighted with the result. My six days at The Manor Hospital were very comfortable. The nurses and staff were so nice.

I will always be grateful to you for the kindness you showed to my dad.