Tumours Involving The Lateral Skull

Mr Potter additionally works with a Consultant ENT/Skull Base Surgeon, Mr Priyamal Silva. Tumours involving the lateral skull are complex tumours that necessitate a combined speciality approach. Such tumours above all often involve the external hearing apparatus and need extensive surgery to remove the tumour and reconstruct the defect, as such these cases take the majority of a day’s operating.

The defect following excision can be extensive and the reconstruction will vary according to the age of the patient and replacing with the most suitable tissue. Subsequently large defects often will involve reconstruction necessitating a free flap (transplant of tissue from one area of the body using microsurgical vascular anastomosis). Mr Potter will specifically tailor the flap to the defect to give a like for like reconstruction and maintain as much function as possible.

If you are therefore interested in discussing potential treatment with Matthew Potter please contact us here.

Number of skull/bases cases undertaken


Return to theatre rate for lateral skull base cases


Average number of days in hospital

10 days

Of those with reanimation procedures to the face the average time for facial nerve function to return

14 weeks

Percentage return of facial movement at three months following facial reanimation


Percentage number of patients with return of facial movement at 6 months


Percentage loss of flaps for skull base reconstruction 1/144 = 0.7 %

total flap loss = 0% partial loss = 0.7%

Percentage loss of free flaps used for skull base reconstruction


Return to theatre rate for lateral skull base reconstruction


30 day post operative mortality rate for skull base cases


3 month post operative mortality for skull base cases


Average age of patient


Patient age range

27- 89 years

We just wanted to take this opportunity to thank both you and your team for the excellent care and support you showed to us during D…’s recent operation and time in your care. Your support and advice towards our family and us during and after the operation has made a difficult process so much more manageable.

We are writing to thank you a million times for the miracle you performed on R’s head and neck last month.

I have had par excellence treatment and will always remember that you saved my life.

We will never be able to thank Mr Potter enough, similarly all at Blenheim – we are all so incredibly lucky to have that level of skill and commitment through our NHS.

I am just writing to thank you for everything you have done for me. You have given my family support and confidence during my recent ordeal.

We would like to express our extreme gratitude and appreciation for the care received before and throughout treatment. Your care and reassurance has made what has been a difficult time more able to cope with.